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  • Updated on: January 23, 2024

There are many times that a lot of people want to showcase on the WordPress timeline. Some are bringing in a history timeline, others just include their posts, and that’s it. Either way, the regular WordPress timeline can be rather convoluted, and many times it’s really hard to figure out what great things you can do with it. That’s why this WordPress plugin was created, to help us better understand what we can do with the timeline and how to make it look better. It sounds impossible to do it on your own, but Post Timeline is here to help.

What is Post Timeline?

Post Timeline Banner


Post Timeline for WordPress

Right off the bat, this is a WordPress Timeline plugin that will enable you to create a variety of timelines on your site. It comes with interesting timeline templates, each one suitable for various industries. Some of the templates are simple, others are more complicated, but the idea remains the same here. You always get to have a great WordPress timeline that’s very informative but also visually appealing. Doing this sort of thing on your own is a challenge but this great WordPress plugin can ease the pressure, and the value will always be a delightful one for sure.

Great Navigation Styles

Navigation Styles


Image of Navigation Styles in Post Timeline

The way you navigate a timeline has to be clear, and it doesn’t need to have any convoluted aspects. It can be a rather tricky thing to take into consideration, and that does come with a unique set of benefits here. You can add dates to each one of the timeline posts. You can also add tags too, such as location and so on.

And maybe the best part about this is that the navigation styles are rather intuitive. They work very well without that much of a hassle, and the approach that you use here can indeed be a delightful and visually outstanding one.
Usually, people love to have a great set of visuals on a site, and that’s where the Post TimelineWordPress plugin shines, because it looks great and the experience is unlike anything you have ever seen, the animation scrolling moves page smoothly to the selected tag.

Amazing Animations

CSS 3 Animation


Supports CSS3 Animations

Post Timeline has CSS3 animations, and they look simply stunning. Instead of having a barebones vertical or horizontal timeline, you have some really interesting animations that always bring in front the ultimate value for your money. It looks extraordinary, and you do get quite the interesting set of ideas here. Plus, the animations allow you to view multiple styles.
Yes, the focus is on eye candy, but that’s what customers want. There are 3 default animation types here. You have a normal fade, slide from the sides or slide from the bottom. The Animate CSS is included too, so you can easily change the animation any time with the desired shortcode attribute. It’s a nice approach to use and one of the tools that work very well for most of us.

No Timeline Limit

No Timeline Limit


Unlimite Timelines can be created!

Some people believe using just a single timeline is not enough. They want a post timeline, a history timeline, a biography, or an event presentation and so on. Post Timeline allows you to do that, and this can be easily used to help people get a number of timelines they want. The experience manages to go to new heights, and in the end, it can be a really good and immersive experience you do not want to miss.

Plenty of Customization Options

Customize Timeline


Customization Screen in WP-Admin

The Post Timeline WordPress plugin puts the power in your hands. While you can use the regular timeline that you got via the template, you can also customize as you see fit. You can change the font size, font color, image positioning and so on. The idea is that the attention to detail offered here is among the very best and the numerous colors and fonts can be modified whenever and however you see fit. It’s a nice thing to take into consideration, mainly because you get to optimize the timeline for your brand, including with its colors and so on.

Template Management

Template Management


Post timeline Templates

Since there are multiple templates, you want to make sure that you can easily manage them with great success. The management tool included here makes it very easy for you to access all the templates fast and with great results. It is worth your time and money, and that can easily offer you a stellar set of options for sure.

Single and Two-Sided Timelines

Two-Sided Timelines


Single and Two-Sided Timeline

You are always free to pick the style that you want to use. The idea here is that using a single side timeline can be ok most of the time. But then again, the reality is that a two-sided timeline can be accessed without that much of an issue, and the value that you can get is always impressive and helpful. But yes, if you want to make the timeline more comprehensive and visually enticing, then you can use two-sided timelines. There’s no limit in regards to what approach you want to have with this. You are allowed to access this sort of feature and many times it can be extremely impressive and rewarding.

This particular feature is more important than you may think. Knowing what type of timeline you want to have will certainly eliminate any of the issues that come from not correctly displaying information. As long as you know how to handle the visuals here, you will be more than ok. It also comes down to the amount of information that you have, and you want to share. But overall, it can be a great experience to just access such information however and whenever you can!

Lots of Timeline Templates

Timeline Templates


Supports 23 Timeline Templates

Post Timeline doesn’t cut corners when it comes to delivering value and quality. This is the thing that manages to help it stand out, and it works extremely well most of the time. The idea is that with 23 different timeline templates, you will have no problem finding the best timeline you can use for your site. Do remember that each timeline can also be customized, so there’s lots of value and quality that you can obtain in here. It will be a good idea to try most of them before sticking to a single one. In the end, you never know what you can get and which one looks better for the site.

Vertical or Horizontal Timeline Options

Vertical or Horizontal Timeline


Supports Horizontal and Vertical Timeline

Some people want to have a horizontal timeline; others are ok with a horizontal one. It’s hard to say which one will work for your site, but usually trial and error can be extremely good for stuff like this. What you want to do is to ensure that you stick with the best one that suits your needs. The visuals are great here, and the fact that the timeline can stand out in front of your audience can be outstanding. Of course, you still need to do a bit of tinkering here and there to adapt it to your needs if you want. But having a template that works extremely well right from the start is going to be an impressive achievement. You don’t have to rush it; you just get the Post Timeline WordPress plugin, try out what works for you and do some test runs with the audience. Then you add this to your site, and that’s it. Yes, it is an impressive experience to enjoy all of this, and in the end, it will work for you unlike never before.


Maybe the best thing about using Post Timeline is that it’s extremely easy to work with. You don’t have to worry about anything when you use Post Timeline, you just access its benefits, and that’s it. But the true value that you get is from the overall set of experiences, and that’s the thing that shines the most in here.

The WordPress timeline looks a lot better if you use this plugin, and the fact that you can adapt it and make changes will work to your advantage for sure. It’s the ultimate plugin for people that want to change the timeline the way they want to. Not a lot of sites care about their timeline, and that is a bad thing.

If you can stand out with anything, then you have to do it the best way you can. Your site will always shine, and it can work extremely well if you have a lot of attention to detail here. Granted, some of the best ideas and modifications seem to be the simpler ones, but you can also shift from a horizontal timeline to a vertical one. The possibilities are limitless, and it goes to show just how amazing and powerful this plugin can be in the end. You should consider giving this a try, and it can and will offer you a nice return on investment.

Plus, Post Timeline is one of the plugins that are extremely easy to customize. And each new location comes with great features and options too. It’s a nice approach that you can focus on, and in the end, it can be worth it for sure. Just consider checking this out, you will enjoy the overall experience for sure!

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