Google Maps Platform New Pricing Policy

  • Updated on: May 9, 2022

There has been a recent Google announcement about applying major changes to their Google Maps. This includes changing the name to “Google Maps Platform”. In addition, the newly updated pricing policy “Pay as you Go” has been alarming for most of the users that are using Google Maps API on their Website and haven’t connected billing to their Google accounts. In this article, we will explain the effects of the major change and what is going to happen to those users who don’t connect their billing to their accounts after 16 July 2018.

Websites without Google Maps API keys

Before June 2018, most websites having Google Maps on user websites such as contact pages or locations used to work without the API Keys. However, Google has now enforced that websites must have an API key associated with the Maps API. In case of missing Google API Key, it will generate an error or degrade the experience of the Map.

Google Maps API Key Error

Image of Google Maps with Error in the API Key

Websites without Billing Accounts

With the new updated policy, the websites having Google Maps API Key added but with an unconnected billing gateway to their accounts will work. However, it may cause disruption upon high usage when the limit of the Free tier is crossed. Google has ended the “Requests per Day”, and effective from 11th June 2018 the Google Maps will start malfunctioning or totally stop the service. The good news is that most of the websites don’t cross the free usage limit and will keep working if the API Key is added. Therefore, if you have high traffic it is important to connect the payment gateway.

Google Maps Pay as You Go

Image of Google Maps Platform Pay as You Go

What are the Benefits of Link Billing Gateway

When you enable billing, you will receive $200 free usage every month for Maps, Routes, or Places. Therefore, millions of users using the Google Maps Platform can continue to enjoy the free service for up to 200 USD. In addition, free customer support is also provided. To connect your billing account open up Google Console and add the Billing Gateway, here is the pricing table for more detail.

Google Maps Platform Notification

Image of Google Maps Platform Notification


Google has changed its policy and will try to get all the users under the billing. In the future, it may terminate the Google Map service to those websites that are not enlisted under the billing. However, this is not going to happen very easily as it will be a huge impact on the millions of websites that rely on Google Maps. Furthermore, most of these websites don’t have billing accounts associated with them. In addition, those websites that don’t have extremely high usage will continue to work without interruption.