Create Your Social Profile Timeline with Timeline Creator

  • Updated on: April 29, 2022

There is a lot of talk about the power of social media marketing, but this is not matched by a similar level of understanding of how social media works. Running a great social media marketing campaign begins with planning, and a social profile timeline is very much a part of that.

You can create a social profile timeline for your website or blog with a timeline creator such as Post Timeline. But first, there are a few things you need to know.

Why Create a Social Profile Timeline?

If you’re on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn, or Snapchat, there is nothing more important than your social profile. The social profile will decide how much attention you will get and how you are perceived by your fans, friends, or followers.

What a social profile timeline from Post Timeline does is allow you to post important events in your life or in the life of your company/business in a chronological way, in a way that makes sense and gives a proper context to what you are doing right now.

When a visitor goes through your social profile on a Facebook timeline or LinkedIn timeline, for example, they can see how your life or career has developed over the years, the events that made such a big difference to you or to your business, and find a historical context to where you are right now.

When using a social profile timeline for online marketing, you’ll need to focus on the following…

What’s your platform? Which social network are you going to use to run your campaigns? Facebook is, of course, the most popular social network with over 2.1 billion users. Facebook timeline is the most well-known social profile timeline.

There are also many cool timelines on Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. LinkedIn makes use of a more professional-looking timeline slider as befits the nature of the network.

You can replicate most of these timelines on your website or blog with Post Timeline, the #1 timeline creator plugin for WordPress.

  • Branding – The timeline template should reflect the branding of your organization. When you organize a company event, you will want the event name to pop up on your Facebook page, for example. This can be replicated on your website with a proper timeline creator such as Post Timeline.
  • Hashtags – Hashtags are an integral part of all social media sites. It really makes sense to organize your social profile timelines into hashtags. This can be done on Post Timeline where you can organize multiple timelines with tags and dates, and into different categories.
  • Social Templates – You can choose from as many as 23 timeline templates on Post Timeline. You can choose different templates for different marketing campaigns or choose one generalized timeline template for all posts. This is up to you.

Why Use Post Timeline to Create Social Profile Timeline?

Post Timeline is a plugin that allows you to create the most interesting-looking social profile timelines and add them to your website or blog. This could be a horizontal timeline or a vertical timeline. You can create interactive timelines such as those on Facebook and incorporate the timeline into the lifestreaming on your blog.

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Post Timeline for WordPress

Post Timeline comes with many great features such as single and double-sided timelines, attractive CSS3 animations, tags & dates navigation, and single and double-sided timelines. You can buy this plug-in for a one-time purchase of $24, which is quite reasonable.

Check this documentation for the details on creating a social profile timeline with Post Timeline. Contact us at if you require any help or need to know more before placing an order with us.