7 Best WordPress Timeline Plugins in 2024

  • Updated on: January 23, 2024
Top 7 Best WordPress Timeline Plugins
Top 7 WordPress Timeline Plugins in 2024

One of the best ways to tell a visual story about any event is through a timeline, also known as time charts or chronicles . These structures and shapes can help you explain what, how, and when a series of events took place. However, if you want to create the best time chart for your website or blog, then you will need to have the right tool for the job, which is a timeline-creating plugin.

To create beautiful vertical timelines, please see the following article: Top Most Vertical Timeline Plugins WordPress.

If you want to create the perfect timeline that effectively tells your story, you will need to make use of one of a plugin that is available on the market. These plugins can save you a lot of time and effort by making it easy to design, create, develop, and post a timeline(s) on your website or blog.

Therefore, in this article, we will be looking at a few key concepts of chronicles, what they are, and why they are useful. And most importantly, we will take a look at some of the Best WordPress Timeline Plugins you can use to make the timeline or time chart that you have always wanted.

What are Timelines

What are timelines?
What are timelines?

No doubt, you must have seen a timeline or time chart and one point or another in your life. It’s a long “line”, either horizontal or vertical, that represents a certain time period, and it shows a series of events that took place over this time period. For example, you can have a time chart that shows all the major events in your life from birth to the present, or you can have a time chart that shows all your major accomplishments at your first corporate job.

These days, time charts have evolved to a point that they can present other things besides events that happened over a certain period. The template of a chronicle can also show a “list” of various things. For example, it can show a list of historic places that are worth visiting.

The point is that a timeline does NOT have to only show events with respect to time. In fact, a it’s usage is only limited to your own imagination.

Benefits of Timelines and Timeline Plugins

Benefits of Timelines and Timeline Plugin
Benefits of Timelines and Timeline Plugins

Now that you have a solid grasp on timelines, let’s look at a few benefits of time charts and their plugins.

One of the main benefits of a time chart is that it showcases a variety of information in a more interesting way using videos, images, icons, etc. Furthermore, A time chart is one of the best ways to showcase a list of events, places, items, locations, messages, etc. in one elegant presentation. As a result, a time chart can keep an audience engaged longer since they won’t be staring at a boring bullet point list.

With a timeline, you can neatly organize your information into a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing design that will not look very “clunky”. Moreover, having a time-based events in order on your website or blog is one way you can stand out from other websites because not everyone will have the idea or be willing to go the extra mile to have such a thing on their website or blog.

How to Easily add Chronicle/Timeline to your Website?

Having a chronicle for your website may be very beneficial for you and your visitors. However, as we mentioned before, it is not easy to put one on your website unless you use a plugin that creates a chronicle(s) for your website.

Using a timeline plugin is the go-to method for a majority of people to place a time chart on their website because it is easy, cost-effective, and quick. The alternative to using a plugin would be to create a time chart yourself using codes, which may not be an option for many people because not everyone uses computer codes. 

The second alternative to plugins would be to hire someone to create a dedicated time chart on your website. However, this can be very expensive and a waste of your valuable money because, for a fraction of the price, you can simply buy plugin, such as Post Timeline, which will allow you to effortlessly create multiple unique and attractive timelines all from the comfort of your home.

As you can tell, if you want to easily have a timeline that matches your vision, you will need to use a plugin. Therefore, in the upcoming section, we will be looking at some of the Best WordPress Timeline Plugins you can use to create your very own personalized timeline.

How to Create a Timeline on WordPress

How to Create a Timeline on WordPress
How to Create a Timeline on WordPress

The easiest and quickest way to create a time chart on WordPress would be to first download and install a WordPress plugin. Once you have the plugin installed, you can follow the instructions of the plugin to design and create a time chart with posts, images, icons, videos, etc.

Once the time chart is ready in the backend, transfer it to your website by inserting a shortcode in the WordPress page builder. However, some Best WordPress Timeline Plugins may have other ways to add the timeline to the front end. Therefore, you should always consult the documentation of the plugin you are using.

How to Create a Vertical Timeline on WordPress

How to create a vertical timeline
How to Create a Vertical Timeline

To create a vertical timeline on WordPress, you will need to follow the same steps that are outlined in the previous section. 

Firstly, you will need to download and install a WordPress time chart plugin. Secondly, once the plugin is configured and ready, you can begin creating a time chart. 

At one point you may get an option about which type of timeline you want to create “Vertical”, “Horizontal”, etc. When you see this option, choose “Vertical”. As a result, the template on which your timeline will be created will be in the vertical format.

How to Create a Timeline in Elementor?

How to create a timeline in elementor
How to Create a Timeline in Elementor

A Timeline can also be created using the Elementor page builder. Many time chart plugins, such as Post Timeline and ElementsKits, are compatible with Elementor.

Therefore, to create a time-based event chart in Elementor, all you need to do is download and install a time chart plugin that is compatible with Elementor. Once your Elementor-compatible plugin is ready, you can begin creating a time charton Elementor. 

To create a time chart on Elementor you just need to use the plugin to create one with posts, images, icons, etc. Once your time chart is ready, place it on your website via the Elementor page builder.

Top 7 Best WordPress Timeline Plugins

Top 7 Best WordPress Timeline Plugins
Top 7 Best WordPress Timeline Plugins

In this section, we will be analyzing 7 of the Best WordPress timeline plugins that will enable you to create beautiful and practical timelines with ease.

1- Post Timeline

Post Timeline Plugin
Post Timeline Plugin

The first plugin we will look at is Post Timeline, which is a plugin that offers great value for money.

Post Timeline is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create, design, and optimize multiple timelines that you can add to your website or blog. The plugin is compatible with both Gutenberg and Elementor page builders, and it can create timelines for all kinds of websites. 

The areas in which this plugin excels are variety and customizability. For a nominal price, you will be surprised at all the features and options, this plugin offers users to tailor and personalize their time charts.

Firstly, with this plugin you are not limited to only creating a standard vertical timeline, in fact with this plugin you can create horizontal, left-sided, right-sided, and Gutenberg timelines as well. In addition, you also have the option to build your time chart using 50 different templates.  All this variety on offer means you will never struggle to find the right time chart style for your next project.

Secondly, in terms of customizability, Post Timeline comes with a ton of customization options that you can add to your time chart to make it unique. You can apply light or dark skins for your time chart. The navigation on your time chart can be tag-based or date-based. Moreover, you can add/choose icons, animations, colors, line styles, and much more to further personalize your time chart.

Once your chronicle has been properly designed and configured according to your specifications, you can then easily add it to your website by using this plugin’s Shortcode generator (available on Gutenberg and Elementor)

Post Timeline is available for a bargain price of $25. At this price, you are sure to get a lot of value out of this plugin.  

Key Features of Post Timeline

  1. Create multiple chronicles using 50 different templates
  2. Extensive customization and personalization options
  3. Gutenberg and Elementor compatible
  4. Easy sharing capabilities
  5. Post animations
  6. Access to different fonts
  7. Ability to put videos and images on chronicle posts


  • Lots of options and features
  • Affordable price
  • Quality support and regular updates
  • No “locked” features or paywalls for the paid version
  • Easy to use and responsive


  • The free version has only basic functionality

2- Cool Timeline Pro

Cool Timeline Pro
Cool Timeline Pro

The next time plugin on our list is Cool Timeline Pro. This plugin does exactly what it says on the tin: create “cool” timelines that are compatible with Gutenberg and Elementor. This plugin has been around for a long time, and it is has been downloaded more than a million times.

With Cool Timeline, you can create multiple time charts in different categories and use 20+ time chart styles . The timelines you create can be either horizontal, vertical, or one-sided. Furthermore, the time charts created by this plugin can be used to present a variety of information, such as your personal history, your main achievements, the history of your company, and much more.

This plugin has many handy features designed to make your timeline-creating experience more fun and engaging. With this plugin you have access to many color styles and typography settings for your chronicles, you can choose to have custom colors and tags in your chronicle, and you can even put videos or images on your chronicle posts.

Furthermore, you can populate your chronology with icons from Font Awesome, and you can add a navigation bar to it to make scrolling through it easier and quicker. Moreover, once you have your timeline ready on the backend, you can move it to your website or blog using a simple shortcode generator.

Cool Timeline costs $25 for the regular license.

Key Features of Cool Timeline Pro

  1. 20+ time chart styles
  2. Elementor and Gutenberg are compatible
  3. Many customization options
  4. Shortcode ready
  5. Multiple date formats for time charts


  • Many time chart styles and templates
  • Affordable price
  • Proven track record


  • Only 4 languages are supported

3- ElementsKit


ElementsKit is a plugin that has multiple functions. One of these functions includes being able to create a chart of chronological events for your website.

With ElementsKit you can add a large number of widgets for the Elementor page builder. The widgets you can add include, an image box, testimonials, a pie chart social share, a back-to-top button, a Google Map widget, and much more. All these widgets can easily be added to your website with a few clicks. However, the widget we are interested in is the timeline widget.

The timeline widget in ElementsKit is capable of producing beautiful one-sided, two-sided, horizontal, and vertical chronicles that have customizable backgrounds. Furthermore, you can adjust the icons, background images, and colors of the chronicle to make sure it is perfect for your website.

The price for ElementsKit ranges from $39 per year to $179 per year, with the more expensive plan offering more options, add-ons, and features.

Key Features of ElementsKit

  1. Easy-to-use
  2. Responsive chronicles
  3. Animation and custom color options
  4. Extensive customization options
  5. Many chronicle styles are available


  • Can create many widgets for your website
  • Adequate time chart-creating capability
  • Flexible plans for all budgets


  • Not as powerful as a full-fledged timeline plugin
  • Advanced features locked in the premium plan

4- Event Timeline

Event Timeline
Event Timeline

The next plugin on our list is Event Timeline, which is a plugin that creates chronicles that you can then add to a website. You can create stunning and responsive chronicles in almost all shapes and sizes, ranging from horizontal to vertical to double-sided to twist ones. Moreover, each time chart can be “decorated” with videos, photos, and much more.

The chronicles created using this plugin can be made using 12 beautiful themes. You also get full-width slider support that helps you navigate across a created time chart , shortcode capabilities that let you add the time chronicle to different websites, and a user-friendly admin page that lets you immediately get started with making time charts. Moreover, you are able to create multiple chronicles, which you can post to an unlimited number of sites.

Event Timeline comes in three forms, the free version which has only the basic time chart creating features and designs, the Personal version which costs $10, and the Developer version which cost $15. The Developer version is the only version that comes with all features unlocked.

Key Features of Event Timeline

  1. 12 beautiful time chart themes 
  2. Responsive design and layout
  3. Lifetime usage license
  4. Shortcode capability
  5. Unlimited website usage


  • 12 different time chart themes
  • Easy-to-use plugin with no complicated settings
  • Create multiple timelines for unlimited websites


  • The free version has a few features
  • Advanced features locked in the premium plan
  • Unclear instructions for some features

5- Timeline Express

Timeline Express

Timeline Express is the next plugin we will be looking at.

This is a plugin that gives you the ability to create chronicles for your WordPress websites. Right off the bat, one thing we noticed was that this plugin only lets you create vertical timelines unless you get the “Pro” version of the plugin. Therefore, if you want to create other types of time charts, such as horizontal ones, you will be better off using some other plugin.

This plugin can still create some beautiful vertical time charts since it is one of the best WordPress timeline plugins with thousands of installations and many positive reviews. Moreover, the chronicles you create with this plugin can be customized using many features. For example, you can add icons, animations, and video banners. Furthermore, you get multi-language support, WPML support, and a shortcode generator.

All these features ensure you have all the options at your disposal to create the perfect chronicle for your website. This plugin is available in 5 packages that range from the free version (very limited features) to the most expensive version, which costs $99 (and contains all the advanced features).

Key Features of Timeline Express

  1. Vertical and horizontal time charts (Pro version)
  2. 1 year of updates and support
  3. Icons, animation, and video banners for time charts
  4. Ascending and descending order
  5. Many Add-ons


  • Popular plugin for WordPress
  • Smooth animations
  • Extensive customization options


  • The free version has a few features
  • Lacks some very powerful features

6- Bold Timeline Lite

Bold timeline Lite
Bold timeline lite

Bold Timeline Lite is a plugin that does pretty much what any chronicle-creating plugin does, which is to arrange a series of events, posts, images, icons, etc. into the form of a chronicle that you can add to your website or blog.

With this plugin you can display any kind of information, such as historical events, company profiles, personal stories, step-by-step guides, notification history, and much more in the form of a chronicle.

Furthermore, this plugin makes creating chronicles very easy, even for beginners, by eliminating complicated settings and providing a hassle-free environment to create chronicles. The chronicles can be created using 5 different styles (Classic, Retro, Clean, CV, and Travel). Each of these styles reflects the topic and theme of your time chart. For example, if you want to create a chronicle about various tourist destinations, then you would select the “Travel” style.

Once your preferred style is selected, you can add images, text, icons, etc. to complete your timeline/chronicle. Moreover, you can even change the color of the time chart elements to match your vision.

Finally, you can add your newly created chronicle using a shortcode builder. Bold Timeline Lite has a free version that you can use to explore the features of this plugin before going for the Pro version.

Key Features of Bold Timeline

  1. Shortcode builder
  2. Well organized with clean coding
  3. Responsive design
  4. Compatible with the latest WordPress version
  5. Font, icons, media, and color settings


  • 5 different timeline templates to choose from
  • Easy-to-use and simple plugin
  • Shortcode capability


  • The free version has only basic features

7- Everest Timeline

Everest Timeline
Everest Timeline

The final plugin we will be looking at is Everest Timeline.

This add-on can be used to create vertical and one-sided chronicles that can show a variety of topics and subjects, which can be added to your WordPress website. The Pro version is capable of creating more types of chronicles including horizontal, one-sided, and pagination ones.

The chronicles created by this plugin are responsive, creative, and with stunning designs. Before creating a chrinicle, you can select from many of the existing templates to build your time chart on. Once a template is selected, you can process to customize and personalize your chronicle using text, images, slider, and HTML content.

Once your chronical is created and configured, you can add it to your website for everyone to see and experience.

This plugin comes in two versions, the free lite version and the Pro version, which costs $18 for the regular license. In addition, the Pro version comes with more features and options.

Key features of Everest Timeline Lite

  1. Create vertical and one-sided time charts
  2. Free of cost
  3. Multiple time chart templates
  4. Image and video capabilities
  5. Taxonomies/Categories


  • Can create all time chart types
  • Several time chart templates to choose from
  • Customizable posts for each time chart


  • The free version does not have all the features
  • The paid version has all the features



If you want to incorporate a timeline into your website or blog, then you should definitely use a time chart plugin to do so. Not only will a time chart plugin make it easier for you to add a chronicle to your website, but you will also save yourself a lot of time and frustration.

Hopefully, you might have come across one of the Best WordPress Timeline Plugins that are to your liking from the list we provided above. That is the entire reason we decided to write this article, which is to help newcomers make the correct choice regarding choosing a timeline plugin.