Register your Business to Google Maps

  • December 19, 2016

Hi, In this article I’m going to tell you how we can register our own business, place or location into our worldwide Google Maps. As the Google announced that they are deprecating Google Map Maker in March 2017, the new official way to add place into your google maps is easier than before. The Add a place feature can be used from both desktops as well as mobile apps to add more places to google maps. google encourages users to claim their business on google maps location in that process they can gather more data in the Google system.

So to start adding your place into google maps, you will go to Google Maps Page from either your mobile or direct


After visiting the google maps site, click on Menu at the top left search bar, it will open up the main site panel of the google maps with many options, click on Add a Missing Place.

Add a missing place

The Add a missing place will prompt you a Add a Place Form with a draggable marker on map to pinpoint your business location on map, in the form you can add your Place Name, Street Address, Category type of your location (which can be place, business, building or road), phone number, website URL of the location and the business hours if that is available. Once you have filled all the details you can click the click “Claim this business” to verify that you are the authority of this business/location.

Add a missing place form

After that Click the Submit button, it will be requested to google and you will get a notification of the status of the location.


Once the business location is verified, it will appear on google search with all the details that are submitted in the “Add a Missing Place” form, thanks for reading the article.

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