Survey Maker Plugin Review

  • Updated on: June 1, 2022
Survey Maker plugin review

Do you like creating and using an unlimited number of surveys, getting really fast feedback? If your answer is yes you can find probably the best solution in this article. Survey Maker plugin is one of the most user and mobile-friendly WordPress plugins. You can easily collect reactions about your product or service, find out all of your pros and cons within a few minutes. But before getting familiar with the Survey Maker plugin let’s find out who can use this WP plugin and what he/she can get.

So, let’s start!

Who can use Survey Maker

who can use survey

 The survey Maker plugin is extremely useful for a number of purposes. Specialists from completely different fields use them and get the maximum benefit without spending a lot of time. Here is a shortlist of some specialists who can make use of the Survey Maker plugin․

Website owners: capturing leads to any website is a very complex and costly business. Having a website is one thing, but using it properly and making money is another. But with this plugin you would not have any problem with it, it will be easy for you to interest the public, make interesting content and earn money.

Brand managers: a good brand manager should know the true opinion of his brand and try to improve based on their own pros and cons. That’s why lots of brand managers use the Survey Maker plugin and create customer satisfaction surveys. If you find out your weaknesses well, it will be easier for you to turn them into strengths.

Marketing specialist։ questionnaires are one of the most favorite tools of marketing specialists (especially email marketing). Creating surveys are taking about 10 minutes, but they can help to collect email addresses and create a great email list.

Event manager։ if you have been to an event you have probably got an event evaluation survey on your email address. That’s because event managers love to use surveys too. They really help you understand the evaluation of your events, service, and atmosphere.

Business owner: try to evaluate your products or service, find alternative ways to promote your business with surveys. Surveys could help business owners the same way as website owners. You can easily find your flaws if you ask your clients and customers about them.

Employers or HR specialists: lots of employers and HR specialists conduct surveys before hiring someone. Obviously, it helps to get to know the potential employee better and not waste more time on the long-hour interviews. Besides, many CEOs and HR specialists even conduct surveys monthly or annually to understand how satisfied are employers with their work, team, workplace, and more.

Key features of Survey Maker WP plugin

So what are the key features of this plugin, and how could Survey Maker be a great solution? The plugin is fully customizable and that will help you make beautiful questionnaires that harmonize with your website. You can use different themes, make your survey in your desired color and proportions. You can also change answers and buttons styles, add pictures to your survey. Here is an example with a survey with pictures:

customer satisfaction survey build with survey maker
  • Try to schedule your surveys with the Survey Maker plugin as well and display them whenever you want: that will help you to manage your time and build surveys in advance.
  • Notify the admin every time somebody has passed the survey: do not enter your dashboard to check if somebody took the survey, send emails, and save lots of time!
  • Set up the email configuration and send emails to survey-takers. Participants may want to know the summarized results of the survey, so they will leave email addresses of their own free will․ That makes the Survey maker plugin a great email marketing tool.
  • Export and import surveys from one website into another immediately, and do not lose time for building the same surveys on different sites.
  • Make accurate conclusions on your surveys and track the analytics from your dashboard.
  • Use more than 10 types of questions with the Survey Maker plugin:
  1. Radio
  2. Checkbox (Multi)
  3. Dropdown
  4. Linear scale
  5. Star Rating
  6. Paragraph
  7. Short text
  8. Number
  9. Date
  10. Time
  11. Matrix scale
  12. Star list
  13. Slider list
  14. Yes or No
  15. Slider
  16. File upload
question types of survey maker

And you are also allowed to set the Email and Name fields so that the survey taker can leave his/her personal information.

  • Another useful feature of the Survey Maker plugin is that you can make any question required, even the name and email fields. But it is not advisable to do that with text and paragraph types of the questions, because you could get lots of incomplete data.
  • Your surveys could be both single-page and multi-page. You can create sections in surveys and add an unlimited number of questions.

Besides all this, you can use Stripe and PayPal integrations and make money with your surveys. That will be the easiest way to earn money online. Probably, that’s why it is considered to be one of the best form plugins on WordPress.

Popular survey types

popular survey types
  1. Customer satisfaction survey: A great way to reach your customers and find out how satisfied are they with your website, service, or product. As they say, forewarned is forearmed: you will find out all of your flaws and could be able to improve them. Besides, customer satisfaction surveys will help you show your customers that their opinion is very important to you, and you will definitely gain their trust.
  2. Conditional results: Learn more about your website visitors and customers or employees with conditional results functionality. Each survey taker can get personalized results and messages depending on his/her answers. That will make your surveys much more professional and obviously interesting to take. For example, you can generate a personalized diet plan after somebody took the survey.
  3. Conversational surveys: Make use of conversational surveys, or otherwise chat surveys and build a real conversation with your customers. Increase your trust in your clients and make them feel special. Just capture leads using chat-mode: simple and easy!
  4. Anonymous surveys: If you want to get more trust from customers, employees, or just your survey takers you can conduct anonymous surveys and listen to the real voice of your customers. Sometimes people are afraid or embarrassed to say what they really think, and anonymous surveys are a great way for customers and employees to say what they actually think. But be ready to hear sincere reviews!
  5. With Survey Maker you can also make smart questionnaires that will help you get rid of unnecessary questions for survey-taker. This means that each next question survey taker will see, will depend on how he/she answered the previous one. Such surveys are called surveys with skip logic. These smart questionnaires are a nice and amazing way to start a real conversation with your survey taker and find out more about them.
  6. Product/service evaluation survey: This is the easiest way to find out an approximate assessment of your product or service, to understand what you are good at and what you are not. Product or service evaluation surveys will help you get better if you use them regularly. They can be used in restaurants to gauge how good your service or food is. Product/service evaluation surveys can also be used to evaluate a website, a customer support service, or even your online products. Actually, they can be used wherever you want!
  7. Employee satisfaction survey: It is very important for employers to have a good team, a harmonious environment for each employee. That’s why the CEO needs to listen to employees, understand and take their problems into consideration. Employee satisfaction surveys are the best and easiest way of collecting feedback and finding out how satisfied your employees are. Happy and pleased employees are a key to success in every business and organization.

Event planning survey: To ensure a successful event you have to understand the needs of your potential attendees. That’s why lots of event planners and managers use event planning surveys to find out what topics attendees would like to learn about or discuss at the event. This type of survey could also be a great marketing tool, for collecting email addresses and building your best email lists.


survey maker wp plugin

WordPress Survey Maker plugin Offers Free and paid versions. The free version allows updates and support for one month, unlimited questions and surveys, and responsive design. But if you want more advanced settings you should get one of the free version’s packages.

The paid version offers the following packages:

  • Business package39$ one-time payment
  • Developer package99$ one-time payment

The difference between these two packages is that the first package offers support for 5 websites, support, and updates for 12 months. Meanwhile, the developer package suggests supports and updates for a lifetime. Besides, you will be able to send summary emails and make use of Stripe and Paypal integrations.

I hope this article was useful and it will help you to create responsive surveys with different question types, consequently, taking your business to the next level!