Google Maps vs Open Street Maps Comparison

Overview Information about Famous Google Maps As we know that Google Maps is a proud product of Google Inc and is a major part of their services. The service was publicly launched in February 2005 and from that time it has been enhancing and now a giant product with so many features, user end API ...
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Register your Business to Google Maps

Hi, In this article I’m going to tell you how we can register our own business, place or location into our worldwide Google Maps. As the Google announced that they are deprecating Google Map Maker in March 2017, the new official way to add place into your google maps is easier than before. The Add ...
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How to Enable Google Maps API for Agile Store Locator Plugin

In this article, we will explain how to enable Google Maps API in your Store Locator. Google has implemented its new Pricing Policy 2018 and has made API Key mandatory for all sites with a linked billing account, but don’t worry, because as long as you don’t have very high usage, you will never be ...
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SSL is MUST for GeoLocation API in Chrome Browser

Chrome has a public intent to deprecate powerful features like geolocation on non-secure origins, and they are hoping that browsers will also follow them. This major change is effective from Chrome version 50 (12 PM PST April 20, 2016). From now if your site doesn’t run over SSL the GeoLocation API feature will not appear ...
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Multiple Markers Google Map V3 API WordPress Tutorial

I’m going to explain how we can create Custom Multiple Markers in Google Maps using V3 API, creating Multiple Markers is as simple as creating a simple marker using google maps API. First I’ll show you an example of how we can create a simple map on our page, if you are using WordPress then ...
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How to Customize Google Marker Infobox and Sidebar of Store Locator

One of the most useful features of Agile Store Locator is that it allows you to customize the information on the store list and infobox according to what you think is best for you and your customers.