How to Add a Store Locator to WordPress for Local SEO

  • September 24, 2021
How to Add a Store Locator to WordPress for Local SEO

With the development of E-commerce, one of the most radical changes in our lifestyle has been the way we shop for items. The invention of the internet, coupled with a growing e-commerce industry has paved the way for online shopping. Furthermore, online shopping now accounts for a higher percentage of all sales made. This is where a store locator is very useful. Since the majority of the research about a product is done online, there must also be a tool that not only provides information about the product to the customer but also shows the location from where the product can be obtained in case the customer wants to physically go to the store’s location. 

While online shopping may be the norm nowadays, there are still plenty of people who prefer to do their search online and then visit the physical store to make a purchase. In cases like this, a store locator can be very useful. 

Introducing Agile Store Locator

Agile Store Locator is one such store locator plugin that provides users with store locator solutions. A relatively new entry into the market, nevertheless, Agile Store Locator has proven to be a highly reliable and capable store locator that offers more than the bare minimum. Agile Store Locator gives users the ability to create unique and highly intuitive store locators and add them easily to their WordPress site. All this is made possible without the need for coding knowledge. In addition, users can customize various features of the store locator to meet their overall objective. Customization options include color palette, layout size, product display, map customization, and much more. Furthermore, Agile Store Locator has many additional features for users such as:

  1. Import/Export Stores- This is a very handy feature that allows users to import or export a store list from an excel file into the store locator.
  2. Google Analytics Support – This feature allows users to view useful data about customer activity. Therefore, data such as stores visited, products browsed, successful searches. unsuccessful searches, products rejected, etc. can be viewed and analyzed by users to make future decisions that will impact the overall activity in the store. Furthermore, Agile Store Locator also sends an email to the users with the analytics report for the user’s convenience.
  3. Multi-Language Translation – To cater to a wider customer base, Agile Store Locator comes enables users to translate words on the store locator page in numerous languages. All that is needed is a translation plugin and a translation file, and you will be all set to change the language of the store locator.
  4. Top Map Providers Integration- Agile Store Locator comes with the integration of the best map provider, Google Maps.
  5. Multiple Filtration Options- Users can set various filters that will enable their customers to narrow down the list of products by applying these filters.

Improve Local SEO with Agile Store Locator

With all of the aforementioned features in place having a store locator for your website is an effective way to help your local SEO marketing strategy. Nowadays simply making a website/ online business is just the beginning, if you don’t market your product/services properly, chances are that people will not even be aware of your website. This is where effective SEO is extremely helpful, as it allows you to increase the visibility of your website and thereby bring more customers to your store and increase sales.

Since the majority of searches are done online, if your website does not appear on local searches this could be bad for your business in the long run. Furthermore, you will need a strong local SEO strategy if you want to stay ahead of the competition. In addition, local businesses are the first results that appear on a search engine when a customer searches for a particular product or service. Therefore, it is vital to capitalize on this local search even if your website does not sell directly, for example, you might have a blog with pictures and descriptions about the product or service you offer, in which case you still need a strong local SEO strategy to increase awareness about your brand and get more customer to your actual store.

Therefore, a store locator is an ideal tool for you to achieve the above-mentioned targets because a store locator basically allows your customers to find your physical store. In addition, having a store locator on your website is a sure way to make search engines rank your website higher on search results because the search engine will realize that your website has an extra added feature that is more attractive to customers.

What is local SEO

A Local SEO Chart by

As the name implies local SEO strategies focus on targeting customers who are most likely to visit your physical store, in other words, it’s about targeting people who are in your local area to get them to visit your physical store.

For example, a customer was to type “Hardware” on Google, the results page will show the closest hardware stores to his/her location, thereby prompting the customer to go to the store that is within their general area. Therefore, having a strong local SEO strategy is key in getting local customers to your place of business.

As you can see, without a strong local SEO strategy you will not be able to have a successful business. Furthermore, a lack of local SEO will cause you to fall behind your competitors because you didn’t rank higher on search results pages.

How to Increase your Local SEO results

 Luckily, we are here to help you out. In this section, we will discuss a few strategies that will help you develop a strong SEO strategy for your business.

1-  Use online reviews

One of the most effective ways for you to highlight your website to others is to have trusted user reviews of your product on your website. User reviews are a powerful tool that can grab the attention of potential customers quicker. In addition, reviews give the potential customer an idea of what the product is all about and whether there are certain aspects about the product that is more appealing to them.

2- Use Internal Links

Another way to boost your local SEO is by having relevant internal links on your website. Furthermore, having relevant links is a great way to direct customers to other pages of your website, pages that would have otherwise been unknown to them. However, the trick here is to link relevant pages only, for example, you could have a link to a different page that expands on the information of the current page.

3- Network with other businesses

Having other well-established businesses promote your website is a great way to raise awareness for your website. After all, people usually trust the word of well-known organizations, so it might be worth the effort to approach a company and ask them to provide a backlink to your website on their website.


Having a strong local SEO strategy is a great way to improve your business. Furthermore, have a store locator on your website is a sure way to boost your local SEO, since through the store locator your potential customer will be able easily to find the location of your physical store.

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