18 September 2016

How to Enable Google Maps API for Agile Store Locator Plugin

In this article, we will explain how you can enable Google Maps API V3, Google has recently made API Key mandatory for new sites, so without adding Google Map Key the Map may not appear or the Search Place feature may not work without it. Our plugin is using four google service that needs to be enabled from Google Console. These services are Google Maps JavaScript API, Google Maps Geocoding API, Google Maps Directions API and Google Places API Web Service. First of all, visit the Google Developers Console, and you will see an interface like this. Google Console URL
Google Console
Google Console Interface
From Here Click GET A KEY, enter Your Project Name and Click Create and Enable API
enable api
Create and Enable Google API
Once you click the button, you are all set to go, you will see a dialog showing You’re all set!, make sure to copy the API Key from that dialog, we will paste this API key into our Agile Store Locator Plugin Settings.
genereated key
Google API Generated Key
After that click on Goto Console link to manage credentials and settings of our google key, then click on Enable API at the top of the Dashboard, make sure to enable all four services which we are using in our plugin (Google Maps JavaScript API,Google Maps Geocoding API,Google Maps Directions API and Google Places API Web Service). Once the services are enabled Copy the API Key and paste the key into WordPress admin panel AS Locator Settings and Click Save Settings.
locator Settings
Agile Store Locator Settings
That’s it, our plugin’s Map and Places Type-ahead will work correctly after adding the Google API Key.

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